Nike Dunk High

Nike Dunk High

The Nike Dunk High model can sometimes draw on the same characteristics from the Air Jordan 1 Mid & High. This is due to the height of the silhouette as well as the recognizable Nike Swoosh along the center of the model. The Nike Dunk series is like the Air Jordan 1 a performance sneaker, certain purposes were intended to be exercised better on a basketball court. Since then, the Nike Dunk High model has become an item that you rarely don't encounter with the general sneaker enthusiast.

The model comes in remarkable and groundbreaking designs, which are reflected through a well-executed collaboration with the Japanese fiction series Gundam. The collaboration offered a white and black version respectively, the Nike Dunk SB X Gundam "Banshee" as well as the Nike Dunk SB X Gundam "RX-0 Unicorn". On these unique takes on the Nike Dunk High model, details have certainly not been spared, which has also piqued the interest of sneakerheads as well as influenced the price in an upward direction.

Not into quite such unique releases? Then you can safely find more affordable and milder shades of thoughtful Nike Dunk High releases. An excellent example is the Nike Dunk High "Light Chocolate", which funnily enough comes in a light shade of chocolate colors. This release was a huge hit among the female audience. Another example is the Nike Dunk High "Spartan Green", which consists of a dark green and white elements mixed with a vintage sole. This release is immediately the most popular Nike Dunk High release in all of 2021, which makes perfect sense. Mixing a balancing shade of dark green, as well as producing a vintage, also called "aged", sole to the famous sneaker made it greatly appealing to many sneakerheads.

Do you think the Nike Dunk High model seems completely unreasonably expensive? Then fear not. Several releases are actually incredibly affordable including the Nike Dunk High "Panda" as well as the Nike Dunk High "All-Star", which can be acquired at a supremely good price - of course, only if you act fast!

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