Condition & Sizing

Here is our presented guidelines and criteria for evaluating the condition of our products.

At Street Bill we thoroughly inspect each product and give them a grade ranging from DS -VW, the vocabulary below has an explanation for each grade:


DS – Dead Stock means brand new, this item has never been worn.


PADS – Pass as Dead Stock means this product has been tried on, perhaps worn lightly indoors and thereby can still pass as Dead Stock/brand new.


SW (9/10) – Slightly Worn, which is an expression for merchandise that has been worn but remains in great condition, with no apparent flaws, maybe a slight nick here and there.


FW (8/10) – Fairly Worn, the item may have a few flaws, for instance star loss, creases etc. However, the appearance is still sharp, and the item is in overall great condition.


QW (7/10) – Quite Worn, flaws are in most cases visible and the product has signs of wear.


VW (6/10) – Very Worn, flaws are visible, and the item has been worn a lot, yet remains fully functionable.


These guidelines are made in order to give the most honest view and guidance to our customers.


Sizing wise we try our best to judge from a general perspective, that means we have established a few sizing standards' in order to give an accurate measure of how the product fits – this is relevant for our clothes only.


TTS – True to Size – fits normally

OSU – One Size Up – fits slightly smaller

OSD – One Size Down – fits slightly bigger


For our sneakers we normally inform about the measurements of the insoles, if possible, otherwise feel free to contact us at so we can help you with further assistance.